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Meet Bradley. Department Manager.

Stafford store

From the moment I started at Primark, I was given flexibility. I was only 16 when I joined, working on the weekend and it was great to be able to work around my sixth form studies. At first, I worked eight hours per week at the Burton-on-Trent store. Then, I began to open new stores in Blackburn, working 12-hour shifts. That’s when I got a real buzz for it, I was able to do more hours and have more responsibility.

People who believe in you

The Assistant Manager was my Line Manager and she really pushed for me to do well. I owe a lot to her. Six months into being a Supervisor, she left me to run menswear. I got a name for myself then. The Area Manager knew me too and he used to push me as well. And even though they pushed for me to do well, they were always supportive, making sure I was happy with my life both in and outside of work. If I ever needed to leave work early or stay late, they made it happen.

After less than a year of being a Supervisor, a job came up for a Trainee Manager in Hanley, which is a much larger store. I remember the Store Manager calling me into the office and saying, “Bradley, you need to go for this." I went to London for the interview – it was like being on The Apprentice. Then, I was told I’d got the job and was asked if I could start the next week. It was the best thing they could possibly have done for me.

bradley at work

Flexible working is music to your ears

I go to lots of concerts, it’s my hobby. I've always been into music and I've been to hundreds of festivals and concerts. And the flexibility of the shifts that we do works around that hobby. I can talk to my Store Manager when I want to see a concert and I can swap to do the early shift. It’s really nice to have that flexibility in the week to do activities outside of work. It allows you to respect the job more and helps develop your own learning too.

The flexibility of the shifts that we do works around my hobbies.

Other reasons to join

Your experience at Primark is about so much more than your job. It’s also about our people and our culture. Our beliefs as a business and our aims for the future. It’s about all the exciting, empowering, amazing things that make us who we are – and you who you are.

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