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Meet Jermaine. Womenswear Design Controller.

I’m dad to a lovely young lad, Camden. Being a parent means that you have to learn on the job and constantly adapt. Children do as you do, more than do as you say – they’re like sponges so finding the right work/family life balance and spending time to be a role model to your child is important. You’ll regret it if you don’t fully appreciate and capture each moment shared. And learning doesn’t just stop at parenting. It also applies to individual personal development, which you can use to improve the way you do your job.

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Time at work

As Womenswear Design Controller, my role mainly consists of managing a team of talented women fashion designers. I encourage them to take the brake off their creative thinking, to just let their imaginations run wild. The best thing about my job is not necessarily seeing an exciting new range every season – it’s seeing our customers wearing it!

Do what you love until you can make a living out of loving what you do.

Love what you do

My dad Clint drummed into me to work hard to create the life I love. Fashion has always been a creative output for me. I remember I designed trainers in the back of my schoolbooks from as young as 11 years old. My advice would be, do what you love until you can make a living out of loving what you do.

Other reasons to join

Your experience at Primark is about so much more than your job. It’s also about our people and our culture. Our beliefs as a business and our aims for the future. It’s about all the exciting, empowering, amazing things that make us who we are – and you who you are.

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