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Meet David. Store Manager.

I’ve been with Primark 7 years now, but my background has always been in retail. I started out as Assistant Manager in Basingstoke, and was Store Manager in Poole and Brighton, before becoming the UK’s first Deputy General Manager in London’s Oxford Street. My proudest achievement.

A unique opportunity

The values here are unique. They’ve helped me grow as a manager in ways that just wouldn’t have been possible elsewhere. The pace and sheer volume of product sold is amazing. It really is a huge operation, and in a business of this size and scale there are great opportunities to progress. You just need to be willing to own that development and be consistent. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with an amazingly diverse colleague population. When I worked in Oxford Street, I was part of a team of 1,200 people spread out over 69 different nationalities. That’s a remarkable thought.

No two days the same

I start most days walking with the line managers to see what the night team have delivered and making sure the store is ready each morning for our first customer. After that, it gets a little more spontaneous. I have conversations throughout the day with my team to keep on top of things, adding value wherever I can. The most important thing is that I’m always available to offer advice or help whenever necessary.

david at work

About that advice

Stay open to opportunities. Try new challenges. Be proactive in proving yourself. This is a big operation and the possibilities are endless so long as you’re flexible enough to embrace them. I know this from experience and so will you if you’ve got the right attitude.

The pace here and the volumes we sell just can’t be compared to anything else.

Other reasons to join

Your experience at Primark is about so much more than your job. It’s also about our people and our culture. Our beliefs as a business and our aims for the future. It’s about all the exciting, empowering, amazing things that make us who we are – and you who you are.

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