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Meet Sarah. Assistant Manager.

Colchester store

My dad was in the RAF, so I moved around a lot as a child – Cyprus, Outer Hebrides, the North of England. Norwich was my first store and I was only 16. I was planning on going to uni, but I was a Supervisor by 17, and then a Trainee Manager by 18. Then I applied to help launch our American stores. That was originally meant to be a gap year, but I just got so much out of it. Plus, who needs a gap year when you can travel with work? It’s a fantastic way to get the best of both worlds.

Gaining strengths

I flew out to Philadelphia to join the Customer Promise team. We trained the new staff, right up to the Managers. Before that I could never do public speaking. I’m the type to always have my head in a book. But now I can speak in a room full of 200 people and not break a sweat. Actually, that was my job!

Opportunity by the bucketload

My current role is more commercial. I oversee the floor and back of house, but I’m also the bridge between the Department Managers and the Store Manager. At 22, I’m quite young for an Assistant Manager, but that’s why I’ve never left – it’s pure opportunity here. No one can say they haven’t given me a lot, so I’m definitely proud to work for Primark. Whether that’s the opportunity to go to America or down the road to my local store.

sarah at work

Putting my best foot forward

You have goals and guidance on how to reach the next level. I’ve moved a lot for my job and I wouldn’t do that unless I felt empowered to. You can always learn more from new stores, and that’s one way to progress – by moving. If there’s a more senior role at another store, I can always apply for it.

I’m definitely proud to work for Primark.

Memorable moments

Right now, the team in Colchester are amazing. I’ve worked in a lot of stores across the UK and abroad, and I’ve never met a bad soul. Some have even become really close friends. Living with them in America was the best.

Other reasons to join

Your experience at Primark is about so much more than your job. It’s also about our people and our culture. Our beliefs as a business and our aims for the future. It’s about all the exciting, empowering, amazing things that make us who we are – and you who you are.

I started working at Primark in April 2016. Prior to that, I worked for Primark on the DHL contract so in total nearly 4 years.

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I'm one of the Shift Managers on a rotating day shift. I directly manage nine Team Managers and anything upwards of 150 colleagues.

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My job is to manage 17 people in the goods department. We do pick and put-away and sort the products that come from the inbound area.

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