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So why is Primark such a brilliant place to work?

The non-stop, fast-paced culture? The fun fashions everywhere you look? The chance to grow and grow and grow?

Well of course.

But that’s not all. Because if you look beneath the surface, at the beating heart of our culture, you’ll find an unshakeable commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Our differences make us stronger

Each and every one of us makes Primark special. We’ve an environment where people are valued, and individual differences are celebrated and leveraged.

In short, whoever you are, it’s your skills, your qualifications, your potential and your attitude that counts. If they’re right, then you’re right.

It’s simple. It’s fair. And, most importantly, it means you can be you.

The official diversity line

Just in case you’d like to see the official diversity line from our Equal Opportunities policy, here it is, in all its glory:

“Primark Stores Ltd is an Equal Opportunities Employer. The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate the Company’s commitment to an environment of equal opportunities to both employees and potential employees.

The Company does not permit unlawful discrimination of any kind against any person on any grounds, including colour, race, creed, ethnic origin, religion, sex, marital status or disability. Unlawful discrimination is defined as treating any person less favourably than others would be treated in similar circumstances.

All the Company’s personnel policies are based on Equal Opportunities and fair treatment, ensuring the promotion and practice of equality of opportunity for all."

Our Behavioural Competencies:

These are the skills, knowledge and behaviours that enable us to perform at our best, as individuals and as a business:

  • Working with others – we work with each other and bring the best out of our people.
  • Decision-making – we make sense of information to make the best decisions for Primark.
  • Self-direction and agility – we plan ahead and keep going to sustain Primark’s future growth.
  • Customer experience – we keep our customers, both internal and external, in mind in everything we do.
  • Innovation – we develop new ideas and push the boundaries to continuously improve.

And let’s not forget about behaving ethically, either

We’re often asked how we make our fashion so affordable. The answer to that is simple. We’re Primark and we do things a little differently – and whatever we do is done ethically. The prices you pay are down to our smart thinking and will never come at the expense of the people who produce them. Their welfare is non-negotiable.

This means fair pay and safe, suitable, healthy working conditions. These have to comply with rigorous international standards which our own Ethical Trade & Environmental Sustainability team checks by carrying out thousands of audits each year.

Acting ethically comes as naturally to us as thinking commercially. It’s why we have a zero-tolerance policy on child labour. It’s why we insist on respect for worker’s rights. And we take the same no-nonsense approach where our production process and supply chain are concerned. We root out waste and create efficiencies wherever we find the room to manoeuvre.

Going above and beyond to examine every aspect of our operation is how we keep our prices low. It’s how we reduce our environmental impact too. We take care of the little things to make a huge difference that benefits everyone.

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